Salt-Free Water Softeners & Systems

Hard water is a big problem for many homes and businesses in the area, and we are fully equipped to help you solve it. Our EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale system manages scale build-up without the use of chemicals, wastewater or electricity. This salt-free water softener uses a proprietary technology to convert hard minerals from ions to small crystals, which keeps them from attaching to pipes, appliances, and fixture surfaces.  The microscopic crystals that this salt-free system produces are so small that the normal flow of water simply washes them away.

Get Started with a Free Water Analysis!

Salt-free technology is not adequate for every situation. To find out which filtration system is right for you, call today to schedule a free in-home analysis. One of our experienced techs will test your water and recommend the perfect system for your unique situation. All of the water systems we carry are available for purchase or rental.

Eliminate iron deposits and rust stains

Prevent corrosion and scaling

Extend the life of your water heater

Keep hard water scaling off your glassware


EcoProTechT - Tri-County Water Salt-Free Water Softener System
  • No Electricity – Simple installation and maintenance
  • No Waste Water – No backwashing and zero discharge
  • No Salt or Added Chemicals – Great for areas with restrictions
  • No Scaling – Reduces hard water scale in appliances and plumbing