Salt-Free Water Softeners & Systems

Hard water is a problem for many homes and office buildings in the area, and we are fully equipped to help you solve it. Our EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale product will help you by removing magnesium and calcium from your water without using any salt or chemicals, nor wasting any water in the process, which many of the more popular systems do.

Our EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale system is not actually a water softener, but it manages scaling by using a proprietary technology to convert hard minerals from ions to small crystals, which keeps them from attaching to pipes, appliances, and fixture surfaces. In fact, the microscopic crystals that this salt-free system produces are so small that the normal flow of water simply washes them away.

We are excited to help you get a system in place that will do wonders for your home or office. Salt-free water systems are not perfect for every situation, so we’ll conduct a free in-person analysis to make sure it fits your needs before getting started with the installation. Give us a call today so we can discuss how our EcoProTechT, shown below, can work for you.


EcoProTechT - Tri-County Water Salt-Free Water Softener System
  • No Electricity – Simple installation and maintenance
  • No Waste Water – No backwashing and zero discharge
  • No Salt or Added Chemicals – Great for areas with restrictions
  • No Scaling – Reduces hard water scale in appliances and plumbing