Commercial Water Filters & Softeners

Choosing which system to purchase for your commercial space is a big decision and we’re here to help. Our team has been doing this for businesses in Michigan for decades and we can help you figure out exact what issues your office is facing and determining the perfect solution. Our commercial experience includes hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, labs, universities, and much more. If your company is ready for a new commercial water softener, filter, or purification system, we can come in and conduct a free on-site analysis to help you choose the perfect product, and then install it and give you repairs and maintenance for free so you can stay focused on your business.

Free In-Person Consultation

Commercial Water Softener Units

Request a quote or call us at 800-894-1818 today so we can get started. We pride ourselves off customer service, so someone should be able to help you get on the right track right on the first call. We want to make sure you are fully informed every step of the way so together we can come up with the perfect commercial water solution for you.

We can provide your commercial facility with any of the following products:

Tri County Water is a proud partner with EcoWater and Hellenbrand commercial products.